Please call us at 718 514 0151 or email info@proscanny.com to arrange a drop-off time. Our studio is located a 5 minute walk from the Jefferson L stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The street address is 220 Ingraham. We will provide you specific directions to reach us when you make your appointment.


Please Note: For the safety of your film we use a dedicated mail receiver therefore OUR MAILING ADDRESS IS NOT THE SAME AS OUR STUDIO ADDRESS. Please mail to:


1093 Flushing Ave Suite 175

Brooklyn NY 11237


Please send us a tracking number as soon as you have it. We are very serious about keeping film secure in the mail, and monitor incoming shipments.

To mail your film Please

  • Package it securely. We recommend a protective sleeve, sandwiched between 2 sheets of cardboard or preferably archival board. Wrap the cardboard in bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts and put it in a standard flat cardboard box, NOT A MAILING ENVELOPE. This will protect your originals from bending or physical damage during transport.
  • We recommend UPS ONLY as the safest carrier for critical originals. FedEx is good also. Please do not ship with USPS or regular mail.
  • If you have already prepaid via our online ordering system please print a copy of your receipt and include it with your shipment.

Turnaround Time and File Delivery

  • Standard in-house turnaround time is 5 working days for most orders:  Please call ahead if you are on a timeline, particularly if you have a large order.  Standard rush fees are +50% for 2 days, +100% for 1 day, and +200% for same day (if available).  Please contact to arrange.
  • File Delivery:  For small orders we are happy to deliver your files via Dropbox.  We do not support WeTransfer.  For larger orders please supply an appropriately sized flash drive.  We do not support USB hard drives due to system compatibility issues.  If you require a flash drive, we are happy to provide one (USB 2.0):  16 GB – $15, 32 GB – $20, 128 GB – $60.  Contact to add one to your order.

Preparing your film

  • Handle your film carefully, with gloves, in order to avoid fingerprints –  We will clean it, but cannot guarantee that everything will come off.  Drum scanners pick up everything, clean film makes clean scans.
  • Cut your film to individual frames –  Slides must be taken out of their mounts.  There may be additional charges associated with pulling slides out of mounts, or with having to cut film strips, and we are not responsible for frame selection errors which may result.  It is best to send us only the exact images you’d like scanned, in exactly the condition they will be scanned.
  • If there are multiple resolutions or film types in the order clearly indicate which is which.

Merchant Services