Scanner Models

Heidelberg Tango Primescan Drum Scanner

The World’s Industry standard drum scanner. 11,000 dpi, 4.2 DMAX – but the numbers don’t really tell the story. The wonder of the Tango is its ability to hold endless amounts of data in shadows and highlights while maintaining smooth tonal gradation throughout and nearly zero digital noise. You will be able to see detail in your work you never knew existed – the Tango can resolve past the level of most film grain. If you must have the best, a Heidelberg is your only option. Our Heidelberg is driven with Silverfast and profiled using top of the line HCT targets. Files are captured as scanner raw data, then manipulated and output as a separate step – allowing for precise manipulation of all available scan data. The Tango can accommodate film or reflective originals across it’s scan area of 17.8×18.7 inches. Our unit is supplied and maintained by Karl Hudson of Hudson Grafik, a Heidelberg Factory trained tech internationally acknowledged as the expert in these machines. See more about our Tango Primescan here. You can also check out our discussion of CCD vs. Drum Scans for a comparison of the different scanning technologies available on the marketplace.

Heidelberg Nexscan 4200

The Heidelberg Nexscan is the ideal companion to the Tango.  Its fast operation and ease of use make it ideal for all the parts of the workflow leading up to the final prepress scan.  Originals are held down flat with Heidelbergs’ Copix system, Direct Capture Technology means no mirrors, for cleaner, more accurate scans.  Scans up to 5080 dpi (true optical resolution) and a True 4.0 DMax.  This scanner will outdo everything but a well tuned drum scan, including Imacons/Hasselblad/Flextights.  The Nexscan is great for proofing, contacts, and small enlargements.

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